REC: Chris Maico Schmidt-Elisenstrasse Remixes
20 Jun 2018

REC: Chris Maico Schmidt-Elisenstrasse Remixes


20 Jun 2018

BY TOCADISCO & PONCHMANN out on BluFin, June 2018!




„Finally, remixes of ‚Elisenstrasse 7’“, several DJs and fans of the song will say, because its super cool voice sample, which comes across as a powerful plea for underground and creativity, cries out for combinations with other styles and beats.
And voilà, here they are – four variations of the original, an indispensable acapella and an equally great mix of „Elisenstrasse 9“, the B-track of the original „Elisenstrassel-EP“ by Chris Maico Schmidt a.k.a. Mike S (Evosonic), released in February. The one & only Tocadisco delivers an offbeat-dominated, classic-hard house interpretation that would have cut a good figure between DJ Pierre and George Morel tracks in the the mid-90s. For the fraction with voice allergy there is an instrumental mix, for the league with the real mix skills the said acapella! More technoid and tribalistic comes Chris Maico’s own „Gillgau Mix“, and Ponchmann’s down-braked, trippy breakbeat version could eventually become the EP’s surprise hit. Last but not least, Schmidt’s „Jupiter-Mix“ of „Elisenstrasse 9“ is another breakbeat tune that initially disguises itself as an acid track, but then surprises with deep electropop appeal.

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