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Sunday Conspiracy, jeden 4. Sonntag im Monat, 16-18h


Sunday Conspiracy ist eine Coproduktion von HerzBlut Radio und Evosonic!

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ReiheSunday Conspiracy
ShowT.B.K. in the Mix
DateJeden vierten Sonntag im Monat 16-18 Uhr
StyleProgressive-, Tech-, Afro-, Melodic House & Techno
InhalteDJ Mix
Sie haben sich verschworen, Euch den besten Sound abzuliefern. 3 verschiedene DJs aus 3 verschiedenen Städten. Grandma Fläsch aus Stuttgart, Dirk „HerzBlut“ aus Köln und T.B.K. aus Berlin. Alle haben aber etwas Gemeinsam: Sie lassen Euch mit ihrer Musik fliegen.
“TanzBarKeiten” a german Word for “very good danceable tracks with strong rhythms and melodies” !

In 1995 I was 17 years old and I got from my Mom 2 Omnitronic Turntable and a Killswitch Mixer from Gemini;-) After 1 Year I had taught myself the DJing and then I produced the first Tapes under my first DJ Name DJ Wes and later under Fry Dijon and DJ Rooker. Later, more and more tapes followed just only under my other alias Fry Dijon & DJ Rooker.
Some of my first Vinyl’s what i bought was from X-Traxx Records. DJ Misjah & Groovehead so damn good Techno and Acid ;-), Alex Christensen (U96-Das Boot) Oh God, so fuckin long Time ago…and for sure, Nathalie de Bora with ‘’Heart but House’’ and ‘’Frisco Street Riders’’, ‘’Living on Video’’ etc. p.p. and also Cosmic Baby, Joey Beltram, Westbam, Marusha,Sven Väth and soooo many more from the good old Times, ‘’ The 90’s ‘’ 😉 .

My former DJ Idols was DJ Aphex, DJ Jordan, DJ Jauche, DJ F/X aka DJ Felix F/X and later Felix FX, PJ NFX, DJoker Daan, DJ Dash (Tresor) and naturally Laurent Garnier, Monika Kruse and Sven Väth, Mitja Prinz, Elbee Bad, Steve Mason and many more DJ’s to mix at the middle – End-/ of the 90’s and especially at Tresor, Hafenbar, Delicious Doughnuts, Sky Club, Lime Club.

Not so long ago, I selling my Tapes in trendy Fashion Stores made me a little better known as a DJ and soon followed the first appearances in Clubs like the Tresor (Leipziger Straße), Matrix, E-Werk, a lot of private Party’s and etc. etc. etc.! Until 2004 I was very active as a DJ. Due to my former job and a later foundation of my family, I had a very long break.

Now in 2018, after 14 Years, I’m back under my new Name T.B.K. but of course when I play Techno & Minimal/Deep Tech or House, Funky-Groove-JackinHouse,Disco Music under my other 2 DJ Names Rooker & Frank Flanger. So if you feel like booking me, feel free to contact me. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

“TanzBarKeiten” a german Word for “very good danceable tracks with strong rhythms and melodies” !

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