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Dmitriy was born in 1985 in Minsk (Belarus). Today he is a 31 years old producer of different styles of music and succesfull mastering engineer.
Dmitriy starts making music in 2003. His first project was called Ravenport and from 2003 to 2008, he made six albums in a style of Deep Techno / Techno / Hardcore / Rave. In 2006, He started his experiments in Trance-music. Thus was born the project under the name Airst8 (with his colleague Arika Lane. They are released a few tracks and soon Dmitriy closed the project because of disagreements with his partner. In 2011, he founded a radio show “Top Trance” and handed control of this show to Arika Lane.
From 2010, he started a several new projects under the name Pinedebt and Sledger. He made more than 20 releases of tech & minimalistic music. In his opinion, Project “Pinedebt” had not future and from 2012 Dmitriy works on only one own project – Sledger, who produces its own Minimal / Deep / Tech House / Techno tracks and mixes. From 2012 to nowadays he became an author of own minimal music style “AmbiTech” and start producing a series of micromixes “Utopia” (conceptual combination of different minimal rhythms with one main idea that runs through the entire 30-40 minute track. He used the term “Micromix” because he took miscellaneous loops, own mini songs, own samples and he was mixing all that in one long track, and this music has own special style and mood… Not Ambient, not the industrial Minimal, but rather both. He have called this is something in between, «AmbiTech». Besides, he went on to study mixing, mastering procedures, and studio equipment.
… And in 2014 Dmitriy became a silver and bronze medalist of the Russian mastering competition „Energy Of Sound 2014“, and became a finalist (and winner of the special prize) of a Russian mixing competition “Fix & Mix 2015”.
Today Sledger is a perfect mastering engineer, Wait Audio Label founder, and author of a several articles about the artists nicknames and promotion for young producers.
Author of radioshow Wait Audio Selection.

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