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1966 Michael Kotapski, a creative professional, has been active in the electronic music culture since the early 90s. In the beginning only spinning the decks it didn’t take long until Michael discovered his passion for music production. In the late 90s Michaels first tracks were released on Lost Vegas Records and Partysan Records. Between 2006 and 2014 it became quiet around Michaels music. In 2014, Michael being back in Germany after spending some years on the opposite side of the world, he soon settled back into the electronic music culture with hosting his very own radio show „Taktgefühle“ on Colognes‘ #1 online radio station 674FM. Being live on air every fortnights Saturdays‘ prime time his radio show became a great success for both, the radio station as well as Michael himself. During Michaels time at the radio station Michael got to know Chris Maico Schmidt aka Mike S., actually that guy Michael bought his first vinyls from back in the 90s. Together with Chris Maico Michael started producing music again, with releases on Yellowtail Records and Natura Viva Music on 2015. In 2016 Michael started working on his solo productions with Michaels‘ debut „How’s Jack?“, released on Yellowtail Records, being a huge success. It only took days when Michaels debut started climbing up the Beatport release charts. Being ranked #25 in the electronica top 100 releases, #27 in the deephouse top 100 release and #38 in the techhouse top 100 releases Michaels debut became the third-most successful release on Yellowtail Records to that date. Adding all days within the different music style charts together Michaels debut was 36 days in the top 100 release charts.

Michael gets kicked-out of his mates Hip Hop Band because Michaels rap perfomance didn’t suit his mates. Michael buys 2 turntables and starts learning how to scratch. While still learning the Hip Hop Band announced the end of the band. Michael starts DJing on Hip Hop Events. Michaels scratch performance is still really bad…and this hasn’t change till today.

Michael discovers his passion for electronic music and spins the the decks every sunday evening at Bonns legendary-at-that-time Cosmic Society Events. Unfortunately Michaels performance at school is not that good since that time. 

Michael has his first international gig at Ravers Beach in Croatia, which still was in civil war at that time. Very proud of his performance but without being paid and therefor with no money Michael hikes back to Germany. With his wallet being empty Michael at least got mentioned in an article published in the Rolling Stone Magazine, which reported about this event within the war zone.

Michael gets gigs in clubs and on raves all around the greater Cologne and greater Dusseldorf area.

Michaels first composed tracks are released on Lost Vegas Records. An Interview in the Partysan Magazine Berlin follows.

Michaels track „Allalone“, the main track on Michaels debut EP on Lost Vegas Records, gets licensed for an ibiza-themed compilation.

Michaels second records is released on Partysan Records. The main track, „Quieras Apostar“, a very experimental approach to house music, is licensed to an ibiza-themed CD Compilation again.
Michael has gigs in Kempten, Stuttgart and alongside his residence at Ulm’s „Mogambo Club“ playing at the Partysan Out in Space event series and a gig on southern Germanies „Beat Parade“ are Michaels personal standouts that year.

Michaels‘ residence at Mogambo Club in Ulm ends after a police raid that als ends the existance of the club.

Michael finishes successfully his studies at the SAE in Stuttgart and works as a Booker for miscellanious event organizers in southern Germany. Still spinning the decks Michael was not only booking other artists for these events but was also playing there as well.

Michael pauses his electronic music career and soon after Michael moves to New Zealand. 

Michael, being back in Germany, soon settles back in to electronic music. Michael starts hosting his very own radio show „Taktgefühle“ („Sense of tact“) at Colognes‘ #1 online radio station 674FM every fortnights Saturday at prime time. Michaels‘ talking performance being as bad as Michaels rap performance 12 years earlier decides to let his iPad do the work using a text to speech app and to focus on the music part of his show. Maybe this decision is the reason for the huge success.

At the same time Michael meets Chris Maico Schmidt aka Mike S. and starts producing tracks collaboration with Chris Maico. 

Michael, working as an art director in an advertising agency, decides to quit his radio show and to focus on music production. 24hrs are simply not enough time to work in his main occupation, spending time with his wife, host a radio show every 2 weeks and to produce music. Michaels decision to focus on music production soon paid out with Kotapski & Schmidts‘ debut „Lets Go“ being released on Yellowtail Records. Two more releases on Natura Viva Music follow shortly after their debut.

Michael starts focusing on his solo productions. Michaels‘ solo debut „How’s Jack?“ is released on Yellowtail Records. Being happy with his work Michael expected a lot but was totally stoked when he realised that his debut ep was entering the beatport top 100 releases charts shortly after the release date. Reaching #25 in Beatports top 100 electronica releases, #27 in Beatports top 100 deephouse releases and #38 in Beatports top100 techhouse releases Michaels debut becomes the third most successful release on Yellowtail Records so far.

Michael produces his first remix for Chris Maico Schmidts „Downtown“ which will be released in October 2016 on Evosonic Records.


Singles & EPs
1999 Stoned Industries – Allalone EP – Lost Vegas Records
2001 Stoned Industries – Quiras Apostar EP – Partysan Records
2015 Kotapski & Schmidt – Let’s Go EP – Yellowtail Records
2016 Kotapski – How’s Jack EP – Yellowtail Records

2000 V.A. – Clubstar „La Collection“ – More Music
2001 V.A. – Ibiza Nation 3 – More Music
2015 V.A. – Luna – Natura Viva Music
2015 V.A. – Sol – Natura Viva Music
2015 V.A. – Techno 2016 – ZYX Music
2015 V.A. – XMAS Special 2016 – BluFin
2016 V.A. – Deephouse Top 100 Vol. 3 – More Music
2016 V.A. – The Best of 2015.3 – Natura Viva Music
2016 V.A. – Miami 2016 – BluFin
2016 V.A. – Recurrent Music – Recovery Tech Records
2016 V.A. – Sound of Cologne Vol. 11 – Sound of Cologne/BluFin
2016 V.A. – Innervated Creations Vol. 1 – Recovery Tech Records

2016 Chris Maico Schmidt – Downtown (Moog over troubled Waters Remix) – Evosonic Records

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