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ShowMixcult by Kirill MatveevCaptain Ulitka's Dreams
DateFr., 23:00-00:00 HZweiwöchentlich Do., 00:00-01:00 H
StyleDeep Techno & HouseAmbient
InhalteRussian underground of electronic musicRussian underground of electronic music
ArtistKirill MatveevKirill Matveev

Underground side of electronic music, now with a space for MixCult Records – from Saint Petersburg, Russia. This space will feature music from the label’s residents and of course, Kirill Matveev as the starring figure with his assertive commentary about his label’s sound concept. Harmony between Dub, House, Techno and Electronica is to be expected, always with that distinctive classy touch by MixCult.

Captain Ulitka’s Dreams

The eternal wanderer in infinite outer space, Captain Ulitka exploring the deepest corners of the universe and sends captured soundscapes to the Earth. Produced by Spitzer Records.

Mixcult Infos


MixCult is a Saint Petersburg based 2 channels radio station and record label that presents carefully selected Deep, Minimal, Dub Techno and House music on vinyl and digital. It also includes vintage visuals and videos from Russia. 
Project aims to present the refined underground sound of music by presenting new tracks as well as gems from the past. 

Spitzer. For those mindful and care sensitive instants that place our minds to the most awe-inspiring states: “Spitzer”, Mixcult Records’ drone and ambient sublabel featuring some of the deepest branches of minimalism.

Kirill Matveev Bio

Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Kirill Matveev has demonstrated to be one of the most refined artists in his country. His sound can go through every mood possible, making him ideal for warming up a dance floor, early afterhours and peak time outburst. Kirill has a very exquisite way of assembling musical journeys. His main focus is to present gems from both past and present to create a penetrating storyline for the listener, allowing abundant space between sounds for better appreciation.

His insightful vision and selection of electronic music has led him to achieve true magnetism with his audience emphasizing his versatility as both DJ and producer. His contribution as an artist start in the year 1997 yet held nowadays with bigger projects ahead.

Kirill is the mastermind and CEO of MixCult Records, Radio & Vinyl Store, a Saint Petersburg based project that presents carefully selected Deep, Minimal, Dub, Techno and House music from all epochs with a wide range of vintage videos from Russia.

His project “MixCult” has efficiently operated as an establishment for artistic manifestation and a medium for visionary output, allowing underground artists to break through to a much wider audience that seek for unquestionable quality music.

Kirill Matveev is the starring figure of Ibiza Global Radio’s more underground side of electronic music, MixCult Radio Show section. He collaborates with his assertive commentary about his label’s sound concept and sets from residents. He transmits directly from Saint Petersburg, Russia to all over the world.

Resident Advisor

Captain Ulitka Bio
Marat Safin a.k.a.Captain Ulitka was born in 1973 in Votkinsk (Russia). At the age of 12 he listened to records of Kraftwerk on „Romantika“ tape recorder. World view had changed at that moment. Than Depeche Mode. As a result he plunged into ambient scene. Marat finished Electronic faculty of Technical State University. Once moved to Saint Petersburg he met Kirill Matveev who helped him to run Captain Ulitka project. Tennis and astrophysics addicted romantic person.



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