Henning Richter – Gluecklich Im Zwielicht Die Remixe
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Henning Richter – Gluecklich Im Zwielicht Die Remixe

Incl. Chris Maico Schmidt Remix


Incl. Chris Maico Schmidt Remix : 30.04.2020 (BluFin Records)

1) Glücklich Im Zwielicht (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix)
2) Glücklich Im Zwielicht (Blue & Smallz Remix)
3) Glücklich Im Zwielicht (Decode Blue Remix)
4) Glücklich Im Zwielicht (Arnold From Mumbai Remix)
5) Glücklich Im Zwielicht (Yapacc Remix)
6) Glücklich Im Zwielicht (BB Deng Remix)

Next up for BluFin Records is a selection of superb remixes of Henning Richter’s Glücklich Im Zwielicht with Chris Maico Schmidt, Blue & Smalls, Decode Blue, Arnold From Mumbai, Yapacc and BB Deng all featuring.

Chris Maico Schmidt goes first with a rolling, hypnotic vision of late night techno that will get you in a trance. Blue & Smalls impress too, with some nice dreamy pads layered over big rolling beats. Decode Blue offers a darker, more gritty and warehouse styled cut that will blow the floor apart.

Arnold From Mumbai gets you on your toes with his serene and melodic version, filled with trippy colours and clacking percussion. The deepest and most smooth of the lot is a late night version of pure class from Yapacc while BB Peng blows away all the cobwebs with his edgy techno vision that is lit up with rave synths.


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