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Dan Chi, born in the 80´s back then when electronic music was still in the early stages of development. Early practice leads into becoming someone big, that is how you could describe him. Already during the 90´s he began to publish electronic music. After he had made a name for himself on various parties, he wanted to move into the scene himself, so he founded „Hoersturz“ with a few people, hosted parties, and brought DJs that were looking for a chance to publicly spin the discs. Therefore Dan Chi earned experience in founding a own club. With help of others he then build his own club „m.a.f.i.a.“ in Erfurt. After the club had been closed he went back as guest for other clubs again. In some of these clubs he stayed as resident – DJ. Back then during „m.a.f.i.a.“ club-times the DJ-Community „Schalldruck-Music“ got founded. As Dan Chi was innovative in his own studio he joined the label „Synonym Records“ in 2010 to release his own musical works. After 14 releases and countless remix-releases he decided in 2014 together with Miss Vim to rise their own music-label, „Schalldruck-Music Records“. Already 4 months later both found the sub-label „Tonwandler Records“. There’s no limits to how far he’d go for his music and to end up in his studio to present the best sounds in the clubs for his audience.
•WizardWoods 2016
•Hof (Erfurt)
•Bienstädter Warte
•Pressenwerk (Bad Salzungen)
•S4 (München)
•Matrix (Tiefenort)
•Schacht (Wolkramshausen)
•Triebwerk (EF)
•Schacht (Berka)
•Uni-kum (EF)
•MusicEnergizer (Hopfendarre/Artern)
•Zuckerfabrik Laucha
•Joue Joue (EF)
•Schalldruck-Music-Camp at SMS08
•Deja Vue (EF)
•Level 9 (Schleiz)
•M.A.F.I.A. club (EF)
•Klock 11 (Weimar)
•Rotblombe / Quantensprung (EF)
•Eventix Club (Ilmenau)
•Electro Space Night 2006
•Club Royal (EF)
•Exploration Sounds (Urbach)
•Outer Space (EF)
•Sportbar / Hoersturtz (EF)
•E-Burg (EF)
•Login (EF) 2007
•Is-Six (EF)
•BD Club (ilmenau)
•Club 320 (EF)
•Kartbahn 2000 (EF)
•Brauereikeller (Arnstadt)
•Altes Schloss (Lemnitz)
•7 Deep (Gotha)
•FF6 (Leipzig)
•Radio Funkwerk (EF)
•Radio Frei (EF)
•Radio Top 40 (Weimar)
•Radio hsf (ilmenau)
•Fireradio.fm (Schleiz)
•Club Hollywoodbar (Zeulenroda)
•KlangKeller (Fulda)
•Theater Erfurt
•Stadtgarten (EF)
•and more…

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