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Chris Maico Schmidt

DJ, Producer, Evosonic, Mike S., Cybordelics, Mikerobenics and Lecturer


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Date:UnregelmässigMittwoch-Freitag 14:00 - 18:00hjeden Samstag 12:00 - 14:00h
Style:Late Night Techno All StylesAll Styles
Inhalte:Only Music, SpecialsMix- und Album des Tages, Programmpatrouille, Grooveguide & neue Releases.Talk
Radio DJ:Chris Maico SchmidtChris Maico SchmidtSam Oliver, deKai und Chris Maico Schmidt

MikeLike 2.0


Evopool Update

Mittwochs, Donnerstags und Freitags mit Chris Maico Schmidt!
Samstags mit Julia Löwenherz & Noah Levin!

DIE Infotainment Show von Evosonic Radio will unterhalten, damals wie heute. Mit dem Mix- und dem Album des Tages. Außerdem gibt es die Programmpatrouille, mit Infos zum Evosonic Programm und den Grooveguide mit News, Partydates und was sonst noch bewegt. Dazwischen neue Releases, Promos und musikalische Entdeckungen.
Einmal die Woche gibt es die Classic Edition. Klassik Mix des Tages, Klassik Album des Tages und dazwischen die Klassiker von 2010 abwärts. Dazu immer wieder Specials über Artists und Geschichte oder von Jubiläen und Denkwürdigem.

Jeden Freitag gibt es kurz nach dem Grooveguide einen neuen Track von „DUDELSALADT“ zu hören. Das besondere daran: Einmal die Woche – Mittwochs – produzieren sie ungefähr 4 stunden lang live auf ihrem YouTube, Twitch und Facebook Kanal einen Track. Und das seit 2016. Das Ergebnis hört ihr dann hier und wenn es richtig gut läuft, auch als Album Release.

Talking Heads

Eine Talkshow (engl. talk „Gespräch“, show „Sendung“) ist eine Diskussionssendung im Rundfunk, Fernsehen, Hörfunk oder über Online-Kanäle. Im TV heißt sie auch Fernsehdebatte, im Radio Radiodebatte, Hörfunkdebatte und manchmal Talkradio. Im Internet Webtalkshow.

Die Diskussion findet dabei zwischen dem Gastgeber und einem oder mehreren Gesprächsgästen statt.
Und bei EVOSONIC RADIO? Wir machen es LIVE!

Alles über Telefon. Da die Gesprächsgäste nicht im Studio sein müssen und häufig gar nicht wissen, dass sie Gesprächsgäste sein werden. Moderiert wird die Sendung von einem Westfalen in Hamburg und einem Schwaben in Köln.

Mit Sam Oliver und Chris Maico Schmidt!

1966 Janet Jackson, Mike Tyson, Lisa Stansfield, Marusha and I see the light of day. Walt Disney is dead, the Vietnam war is alive like never, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock start in the vastness of the universe. The famous Wembley goal is scored on the earth – or maybe not. The Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones and of course the Beatles worldwide dominate the charts. Rock music become psychedelic. „We all live in a yellow submarine“!!!! 1978 Disco and the balls to this, everywhere. Record entertainers mutates into disc jockeys and I buy my first LP: „Masterpiece“ by The Temptations. 1981 While U.S. President Reagan and Pope Johannes Paul II. were injured seriously in assassinations, the DJ of a dance hall near Stuttgart slips in the bathtub one Saturday night. I, the Lightjockey, must take his place. 14 vodka lemon, 5 times „Thriller“ and 4 times „Young Guns“ later, I have my first permanent booking as a DJ. 1985 Researchers discover the ozone hole, the charts are occupied by „Modern Talking“ and I make my own business as a „organizer in the music trade“, become a DJ with trading license. 1989 Mourning of i.a. Salvador Dalí, Avicii is born in Sweden … I discover „House“. Opening of wall and frontier and finally the reunification of the two German states … I discover „Techno“. 1993 In love with Whitney Houston, impressed by Frankfurt productions such as „Snap“ or „Culture Beat“, inspired by „Dark and Long“ by Underworld, i go to the music studio. My second project „Cybordelics“ makes it on place 1 and 2 of the UK-Underground Dance charts. 1995 While „Forrest Gump“ sees the world with other eyes, the Loveparade has to change the way in Berlin because of increasing numbers of visitors. I become a co-founder of the record-chain of stores „Delirium“ in Stuttgart and the record label „Suspect Records“ on which my first LP appears in co-production. 1997 The cyberpet Tamagotchi and clone sheep Dolly are the darlings of the media. Carl Cox reaches place 1 at the first „DJ Mag Top 100“. With me as a managing music editor and later then as program director, „Evosonic Radio“ start broadcasting in Cologne. The worldwide first radio station which plays non-stop electronic dance music for 24 hours. 1999 The music industry makes profit again – thanks to internet. Digitization rescues the music, but for „Evosonic Radio“ every rescue is late. The broadcaster goes down like the Titanic in the movie. 2000 The discovery of BSE infected cattle is topic just the same as the successful world exhibition EXPO. Paul Van Dyk conquers the USA and I am honored with the German Dance Award for my work at „Evosonic Radio“ with a delay. However, for the start in the new millennium it is the best for me that I become a father. 2004 We are Pope and DJ Tiesto accompanies the parade of the athletes with his music in front of millions of TV spectators at the Olympic Summer Games in Athens. I become an instructor at the „VibrA School of DJing“ in Cologne. 2011 „Stresstest“ rightly is word of the year. The Arab Spring, the nuclear power plant in Fukushima and the euro crisis also provided it. I start a small comeback stress-free and recovered through the long music break. 2013 EDM is a swearword meanwhile and David Guetta has sold to date valued 90 million sound carriers. I can register a couple of remixes and the re-work of one of my classics. 2016 While the German DJ Felix Jaehn reaches place one of the American Billboard charts, my label „Evosonic Records“ starts with my first solo LP „Two point Zero“. From „Mike S.“ becomes „Chris Maico Schmidt“, because that is my name. 2017 Donald Trump becomes President of the USA. Evosonic makes podcasts and again radio. The record division reaches the iTunes Dance Charts with the second „Cybordelics“ rework „Adventures Of Dama“, the videos have over 12000 views on YouTube after a short time. Finally I start on the trendy Cologne label „BluFin Records“ with my forest roads EP!
2018 Prince Harry from England marries American actress Meghan Markle. Evosonic is still making radio and the „Mikerobenics“ classic „Julika“ releases 16 remixes on 4 EPs on BluFin Records, also the Elisenstrasse EP; and is celebrated by the professional world. Dr. Motte: „Cool Techno Package with a Vibe and Story. Will play this weekend for sure! 5/5!“ 2019 (My) Word of the Year: „Automation“. The Jahnstrasse EP on BluFin will be the record of the month in the English magazine Zone. My fourth longplayer is ready and will be released 2020 on the Cologne label, too. While among others Robert Babicz, Jens Lissat, Dompe, Helmut Dubnitzki, Ramon Zenker, Lützenkirchen and Henning Richter are working as a remixer for my album „Automation“, Evosonic Radio will broadcast 4 weeks in summer on the FM event frequency 106,4 MHz in Berlin. Whatever it does and with great success. So big that the year 2020 will start with the sentence: Chris Maico Schmidt and Evosonic have a new phone number. +49 (0) 30 ………

1995: Mikerobenics – Fooled by Dr. Cycle & Mrs. All (Suspect)
1996: Mikerobenics – Das Was und das Wie (Global Ambition)
2016: Chris Maico Schmidt – Two Point Zero (Evosonic Records)
2017: Chris Maico Schmidt – Two Point One (Philipp Giebel Rework) (Evosonic Records)
2020: Chris Maico Schmidt – Automation (BluFin)
2021: Chris Maico Schmidt – Two Point Fifty Five Deluxe (BluFin)

1993: Mescal X – Return of Lisa (Blackflame/Intercord)
1993: Cybordelics – Adventures of Dama (Harthouse)
1993: Mike Masseter – Vol. I (Ultra Violett/Orange)
1993: Cybordelics – Adventures of Dama (Harthouse UK)
1994: Cybordelics – Fairy Tales (Harthouse)
1994: Cyborano – Wrist Aching Muscles (Friends/Le Petit Prince)
1994: Mescal X – Dragonfly (CSC/Overdrive)
1994: Mike Masseter – Saman (Delirium Compilation)
1994: Feldmann – Audience (Suspect)
1994: Mike S. – Labrinha (ZYX/GOA Rave Comp.)
1994: Mikerobenics – Diadora (Harthouse)
1994: Mikerobenics – Julika (Harthouse)
1995: Mike S. feat. Ben Elvis – Jake (Superstition)
1995: Mikerobenics – Julika Remixe ’95 (Mindstar/Musicman)
1995: Lee Roy – Love is a Shield (ZYX)
1996: Mikerobenics – Replika (Global Ambition)
1996: Mikerobenics – Replika Remixe (Global Ambition)
1996: Mikerobenics – Julika Remixe ’96 (Mindstar/Musicman)
1996: Mikerobenics – The Return of Julika (Pull the Strings)
1996: Mikerobenics – The Cat and the Cannary (Global Ambition)
1996: Junction 3 – Wolf in the fold (Pull the Strings)
1996: Mike S. meets Inspector – Oscar Clasani (Global Ambition)
1996: Mikerobenics – Schattenmund (Global Ambition)
1996: Mikerobenics – Schattenmund Remixe (Global Ambition)
1997: Mikerobenics – Die Weissagung / Prediction (Global Ambition)
1997: Mikerobenics – Der Hexenritt / Witch Ride (Global Ambition)
1998: Cybordelics – Adventure of Dama Remixe (Technogold)
1998: Cybordelics – Alice in Wonderland Remixe (Technogold)
2012: Mike S. – Vibra EP (Code2 Records)
2012: Mike S. – Noah (Harthouse)
2013: Cybordelics – Adventure of Dama 2013 (Harthouse)
2015: Kotapski & Schmidt – Let`s go EP (Yellow Tail Records)
2015: Kotapski & Schmidt – Remember This (Natura Viva)
2015: Kotapski & Schmidt – Kiss Your Face (Natura Viva)
2016: Cybordelics – Adventure of Dama Part 1 (Harthouse)
2016: Kotapski & Schmidt – Ayjuwah EP (Code2Records)
2017: Cybordelics feat. James Davis – Adventure of Dama Rework (Evosonic Records)
2017: Cybordelics feat. James Davis – Adventure of Dama Rework 2 (Evosonic Records)
2017: Chris Maico Schmidt – Waldstrasse EP (BluFin)
2017: Cybordelics – Adventure of Dama 2017 Digital (Harthouse)
2018: Chris Maico Schmidt – Elisenstrasse EP (BluFin)
2018: Mikerobenics – Julika Remixes Part 1 (BluFin)
2018: Mikerobenics – Julika Remixes Part 2 (BluFin)
2018: Mikerobenics – Julika Remixes Part 3 (BluFin)
2018: Mikerobenics – Julika Remixes Part 4 (BluFin)
2019: Cybordelics – Adventure of Dama 2019 (Harthouse)
2019: Chris Maico Schmidt – Jahnstrasse EP (BluFin)
2019: Chris Maico Schmidt – Jahnstrasse Remixes (BluFin)
2020: Chris Maico Schmidt – Amazination The Remixes (BluFin)
2020: Chris Maico Schmidt – Meditation The Remixes (BluFin)
2020: Chris Maico Schmidt – Manifestation The Remixes (BluFin)
2020: Chris Maico Schmidt – Motivation The Remixes (BluFin)
2020: Chris Maico Schmidt – Monolog feat. Hans Solo (Neuhain, Zug der Liebe)
2020: Chris Maico Schmidt – Automation The Remixes (BluFin)
2020: Chris Maico Schmidt – Vocalization The Remixes (BluFin)
2020: Chris Maico Schmidt – Monolog feat. Hans Solo (Neuhain, Zug der Liebe)
2021: Chris Maico Schmidt – Manifestation (Oida Holz Remix) (BluFin)
2021: Chris Maico Schmidt – Nachbarn feat. Angie Taylor (Noah Levin Edit) (Harthouse)
2021: Chris Maico Schmidt – Wollust feat. Julia Löwenherz (Noah Levin Edit) (Harthouse)

1993: Acrid Abeyance – Exposure Track (Important)
1993: Microwave Prince – I need your love (Le petiti prince)
1994: DJ Khetama – Fremde Welten (Time unltd.)
1995: Marco Zaffarano – Hippodrama (MFS)
1999  Jean – Pediculos Humanus (Eleganz)
2014: Mafu Nakyfu – Do you feel Lucky EP (Mike S. Remix) (Code2 Records)
2014: Nicorus – Psycho (Mike S. Remix) (Code2 Records)
2015: Bodo Felusch – Looping (Mike S. Remix) (Unvirtual Music)
2017: Julian Reifegerste – Dober Dan (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (Evosonic Records)
2017: Elektrifizierer – Was Du Nicht Weißt (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (Evosonic Records)
2017: Strich Zwo – Fuck Me Palmtree (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (City Of Drums)
2017: Kotapski – Dreams (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (Louder Than Famous)
2017: Frank Krumsdorf – Good News (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (Evosonic Records)
2018: Andy Baar – Keep On (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (Evosonic Records)
2018: Chris Maico Schmidt – Elisenstrasse Remixes (BluFin)
2018: Junge & Mädchen – Sister (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (BluFin)
2018: Junge & Mädchen – Sister (Chris Maico Schmidt On Top Remix) (BluFin)
2018: Mikerobenics – Julika Remixes Part 2 (BluFin)
2018: Elektrifizierer – Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (Evosonic Records)
2018: Road to Mana – The Chains Of Change EP (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (BluFin)
2019: Florian Punzel – Nations (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (Evosonic Records)
2019: The Electronic Advance meets Somnia – Solaris (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (City Of Drums)
2019: Toni Rios – Closer To You feat. Niveska (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (BluFin)
2019: Die Raumzeit Architekten – Konstrukt (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (BluFin)
2019: Chris Maico Schmidt – Still ruht der See feat Endo Monk (Seepferdchen Remix) (BluFin)
2019: Chris Maico Schmidt – Still ruht der See feat Endo Monk (Freischwimmer Remix) (BluFin)
2019: Chris Maico Schmidt – Still ruht der See feat Endo Monk (Schnellschwimmer Remix) (BluFin)
2019: Endo Monk – Still ruht der See feat Chris Maico Schmidt (Fahrtenschwimmer Remix) (Holy Chaos Recordings)
2020: Henning Richter – Gluecklich im Zwielicht (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (BluFin)
2020: Phunk Investigation, Vinjay feat. Jim Kerr – Being Boiled (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (BluFin)
2021: The Electronic Advance & DJ Nasty Deluxe – Knowledge And Ignorance (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) (BluFin)

1996: DJ Mike S.– The Atmosphere Club Mix (Global Ambition)
1997: DJ Mike S.– The Second Atmosphere Club Mix (Global Ambition)
1998: DJ Mike S.– The 3rd Atmosphere Club Mix (Global Ambition)


„Institut der Gehörlosen“-Budapest
Air Base-Mainz (Escalation II)
Airport-Würzburg (Groove Party)
Alabamahalle-München (Planet Love, Input Rave)
Alte Gießerei-Heilbronn
Aufschwung Ost-Kassel
Bamberg (Goa Rave)
Biel (Seaquake Rave)
Biskuithalle-Bonn (Heart of Gold)
Brix-Köln (Final Cologne Summer Rave)
Cave Club-Salzburg
The Box-Chiclana/Spanien
Depot-Frankfurt (Omni 3)
Dorian Gray-Frankfurt (Hardtrance Experience)
Espace Gogo-Montpellier (Energy )
Exit-Berlin (Loveparade`93)
Extra-Koblenz (Baustellen Rave)
Flash-St. Wendel
Hannomag-Hannover (Oxidizing Rave)
Istrien-Kroatien (Ravers Beach)
Königsburg-Krefeld (Delirium Rave)
Mikro Bar-Cologne
Music Hall-Frankfurt
Porte Dauphine-Paris (Caezonia Rave)
Resi-Nürnberg (Unity Rave 2)
Salzburg (Transmission Rave)
The Phönix-Manchester
Tor 3-Düsseldorf (Union Rave)
Trance Dance-Zürich (Brainstorm Rave)
Tresor-Berlin (Loverparade`93)
Ypselon-Idar Oberstein (Space Woodstock)

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