Chris Maico Schmidt-Motivation Remixes
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Chris Maico Schmidt-Motivation Remixes

BluFin Records


Release: 08.06.2020 (BluFin Records)

Chris Maico Schmidt – Motivation (Lutzenkirchen Remix)

Chris Maico Schmidt – Motivation (Ramon Zenker Remix)

Chris Maico Schmidt – Motivation (Julian Reifegerste Remix)

Chris Maico Schmidt makes a bold statement in early 2020 as he serves up his debut album on the BluFin Records label.
This German artist has released under a range of aliases, and is best known for his work as part of Cybordelics and MikeroBenics. He has been using his own name since just 2016 but is already well respected for bringing a wide range of influences to his sounds. He now shows that once more on his fantastic debut album.
Next Part of Remixes by Lutzenkirchen, Ramon Zenker and Julian Reifegerste …happy to have you.

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