Chris Maico Schmidt-Meditation Remixes
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Chris Maico Schmidt-Meditation Remixes

BluFin Records


Release: 24.04.2020 (BluFin Records)

Chris Maico Schmidt – Meditation (Harada Remix)

Chris Maico Schmidt – Meditation (Ponchmann Remix)

Chris Maico Schmidt – Meditation (Radio Edit)

This German artist has released under a range of aliases, and is best known for his work as part of Cybordelics and MikeroBenics. He has been using his own name since just 2016 but is already well respected for bringing a wide range of influences to his sounds. He now shows that once more on his fantastic debut album.

Automation kicks off with Amazination feat. Gospel Choir All Stars (Thanx Walting Mix) which has a gospel choir singing a hymn that soon turns into a progressive techno monster with slick broken beats. From there the likes of Meditation explore deep and moody techno grooves, Superstation builds the pressure with chattering claps and muted acid bass and Manifestation (Thanx Ingo Rose Mix) goes much harder with stark synths and big energy all overlaid by some lush vocals.

Sensation is another hands in the air cut with big trance chords that light up the groove in fine fashion. Vocalization plays with the human voice and mad synth lines that trip you out and get you under their spell and Automation drops into a more bubbly deep house groove with broad synth smears and melancholy in the air.

Things close out with Motivation (Thanx Cordula Mix) and Alienation, two arresting techno tracks with superb drum programming and a unique sense of energy. They round out what is a vital full length of top shelf techno.

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