Chris Maico Schmidt-Manifestation Remixes
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Chris Maico Schmidt-Manifestation Remixes

BluFin Records


Release: 08.05.2020 (BluFin Records)

Chris Maico Schmidt – Manifestation (Robert Babicz Remix)

Chris Maico Schmidt – Manifestation (Ackermann Remix)

Chris Maico Schmidt – Manifestation (Mathias Schaffhaeuser Remix)

Chris Maico Schmidt – Manifestation (The Electronic Advance Remix)

The irrepressible BluFin Records welcome big remixes from Ackermann, The Electronic Advance, Mathias Schauffhauser’s and Robert Babicz of Chris Maico Schmidt’s Manifestation tune.

Ackermann goes first and steps up with a deep rolling vision with warm, fat bass that gets right under your skin and keeps you hypnotised. Robert Babicz then hits hard with a driving and punchy techno tune that pushes onwards through the universe, and carries everyone along with it.

The Electronic Advance then turn it into a big and rolling techno tune with synths that reach out into a late night sky. It is filled with raw percussive energy.

Mathias Schaffhäuser’s Manic Disco remix closes with then a more playful and cosmic tune with sparkling keys and unhinged synth sounds to begin a freaky afterparty feeling.

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