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Ben Elvis Mettin

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A brief overview of Ben Elvis Mettin and his musical stepping stones.

But first things first.

Born in Stuttgart by a german mother and an american father, in the year Sputnik launched, Adenauer became chancellor again and the US baby boomers peaked.
In popular culture Elvis bought Graceland and stars in the film Jailhouse Rock.

Then these things happened.

Bought my first 45 record, Mungo Jerry – In the Summertime 1970.
Watched a Tchaikovsky concert on TV and was so impressed i started to learn organ and later piano and guitar.

Heard Roxy Music – Virginia Plain 1972 and became interested in synthesizers.
Explored in the meantime many musical directions, but became major influenced by Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells  1973 and Genesis, especially – Carpet Crawlers 1974.
Joined the rock band Requiem and released a long play in 1980. Now a rare gem.

Acquired from there on various keyboards, synths, drum-machines and production equipment,
Time passed and the Commodore C64 came out. A friend made one of the first midi interfaces.
The production form of the bedroom producer was born, in my case the basement.

Started making pop demos on a 8 track reel to reel. The singer and i called ourself Eleven and landed a record contract with Peer Music Hamburg. Which lead to releases on Warner Brothers and a tour thru Germany.

Rap came along and with Boogie Knight, a rapper with a top 20 hit from Brooklyn we produced early german made hip hop.
The 12” Kick the Power, did best in South Africa, straight out of Ludwigsburgs basement studio.

The time for a larger recording studio came and with a local DJ, a mastering studio and a woman specialized in classical production we created a multilevel workspace. On a drive to the facility the name for the studio popped up in my head, Tonhaus, Stuttgart.

Musically everything changed at the flip of a switch in a night at a Harthouse Label Party at the club Warehouse in Cologne 1993.
Right there, overnight i got fascinated with the possibilities and the energy of what is now known as Techno.

Joined forces in 1994 with Chris Maico Schmidt till this day on various projects, primary on MikeroBenics with releases on Harthouse and Suspect Records and other labels.

The project had many life act shows. The track -Julia comes too late- Remix is to date the most successful record.

Produced Long-plays, 12” and remixes with DJ Marco Zaffarano on MFS Berlin. The long play -He Was Once A Beautiful Woman- was notably successful in England.

Launched the Underground Airlines label, distributed by Neuton with different producing partners. Produced various projects with singers, bands and own pseudonyms, primarily !Distain from Augsburg.

Releases include labels and record companies like Urban/Motor, Metronome, ZYX, Zomba, Intergroove.

Then the big step came in 1999, i moved to Austin Texas.

Met Jürgen Engler at a music store and co produced the second long play of including remixes, a side project of his main act Die Krupps. The record included a european tour with two other bands.

So this is it so far, and looking back i am stunned that in the year 2016 a complete music production is possible on a laptop.

The stepping stones of possibilities never end…………………..

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