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 Musician, Saxophonist, Producer, DJ, Label Owner

Began his musical career at the age of 6 years, at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Ceuta. To the 18 years begins to combine his facet of music instrumentalist with electronics combining jazz and funk with this same, creating a perfect atmosphere.

His career of saxofomista house takes you to a large part of Spanish territory, sharing a cabin with many of the great of the scene and acting in some of the most prestigious halls of the same (Pacha Barcelona, Café del Mar, Café del Sol, Góngora (cordoba), Budha(Sevilla), Sala EM).
Also has led him to act in the halls of the neighboring country Morocco, 555 Famous Club, Zenzi Bar, Hotel,Kube Club, Space Club. His passion for music takes you to be interested not only in interpreting, if not in creating their own tracks, And here he begins his career as a producer of electronics, interested non unique by almost all of the same, from the Deep-House deeper until the Techno more forceful, his productions have been edited by a large number of labels and supported by some of the greatest artists of the time.

Does not end it all here. In 2017 launched its own record label together with his close friend Markez Lauser. Sustain Records which from the minute one of life has been rising more and more by the lists of the main pages of downloads, as well as gaining support for many of the scene.

Puerto Alegre (Da Music Records)
Only Groove (9095 Music)
Addiction (Under The Umbrella)

The Myth (Innusual Records)

The Travel (Heatroom Records)
Rocking (Innusual Records)
Royalty Groove (Andre Luque Remix) (The Warrior Recordings)
This Is Fresh (Soulfreak Recordings)
Jazzroll (Bedroom Muzik)

Head Dowm (Suma Records)
Rompela (Soulfreak Records)
Ibiza (Digital Room Records)
I Never Lie (Experimental Tech Recods)
Lost In The Deep (Soulfreak Records)
Intense (Rack Deep Records)
The Wanderer,Ginebra,India (Da Music Records)
Magna, Like This (A100 Records)
Rinascere,Tecknika,Yucamane (Digital Room Recrods)

Dark Matery,Return (Wanna Dance Music)
Grooving (Nocturnal Sound)
Simbiotic, Comspirancy, Take One, Sundanze (Atopic Muzik)
Delirio (Andres Luque Remix) (Atopic Muzik)
Magic (Andres Luque Remix) (SoulFreak Records)
Everybody Get Down (Tatun Records)
Urge (Wanna Dance Music)
Aria (Underfuk Records)
Oqan (Humanials Records)
La cantaora (Andres Luque Remix) (Tatun Records)
Human (Atopic Muzik)
Saabat (A100 Records)
Fragments (Andres Luque Remix) (Atopic Muzik)
Tooth (Andres Luque Remix) (Culture Beats Records)
SubMusic (Wanna Dance Music)
La Mastina (Andres Luque Remix) (Underfuk Records)
Low, No Right (Big Drug Music)
Simple (Digital Room Records)
Change (Andres Luque Remix) (Digital Room Records)
Season of Love (Insolito Records)
Getting Up, Asira, I´m Sorry (Black Turtle Records)
Canto (Big Drug Music)

Sun Solstice (Sustain Music Records)
Demons Talk Me (VG Recordings)
Scape Room, American Night (Inside Label)
Let´s Go (Andres Luque Remix) (Atopic Muzik)
Happy Ah! (Andres Luque Remix) (Funky Music)
Always The Same Eyes (Andres Luque Remix) (Yaiza Records)
Thabit (Sustain Music Records)
Dark Places (Beatfreak Recordings)
Unforget (Atopic Muzik)
Drumanga (Andres Luque Remix) (Animas Music)
El Discruso (Tatun Records)
Dark Voices (Wanna Dance Music)
Broken Memories (Andres Luque Remix) (Yaiza Records)
Chamanian (Sustain Music Records)
Lost in Savannah (Andres Luque Remix) (Sustain Music Records)
El cammino (Big Drug Music)
Forbidden Memories, Not Usual, Iron (Sustain Music Records)
Claire, Spica (Sustain Music Records)
Secret Society, Let Me Hear That Kick (LowGroove Records)
Gericho, Swing (Sustain Music Records)
Agua de Vida (Andres Luque Remix) (Top Groove Records)
Corralation, Road (Wanna Dance Music)
No You (Groove 33 Records)
Aura (Sustain Music Records)
Quicly (Black Turtle Records)

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