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Anastasia Belosova

HexenRave jeden 2. Samstag, ab 20h

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Show: HexenRave
Date: Jeden 2. Samstag 20:00h – 22:00h
Style: „All Styles
Inhalte: Soundcollagen, Mix
Radio DJ: Anastasia Belosova


Soundcollagen, Effektgewitter, Obscurer Sound auf 3 Technics Plattenspielern im Mix. Und: Alles Live.

„Wir kamen auf dem Besen her, für uns Hexen ist das gar nicht schwer. Wenn wir was Süßes kriegen, dann HÖRST du uns gleich fliegen!“


Born on 30.08.1983 in the Ukraine, Anastasia Belosova was already stamped as a child by electronic music. When she moved in 1999 to Germany, she discovered fast her love for the techno-music scene dominant here. Within the shortest time she got her own equipment and built up the contact with the VibrA-DJ-School in Cologne. There she learnt to know a few well-known artists, under which intensive instructions and care she brought the clubs by her unusual performances in movement. 2004 she works also on her own productions. Anastasia has developed a sound that takes the intelligent beats of the underground, funky/hard/groove techno sound mixed with her very own style. A step further she goes in her own radio show “HexenRave”. A coulage with Hard Techno, Schranz, Detroit, Acid, including temperate Techno, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, but also gentle melodic styles – listen on Evosonic Podcast.

Stations (Selection)

Kombinats Club – Köln    
Alex – Köln  
Lauschgift – Köln  
Sensor Club – Köln  
Tiefenrausch – Köln  
Lounge Deluxe – Mettmann  
Zwischenfall – Bochum  
Casa Electronica – Bochum  
Primetime – Bochum  
Rot Kompot – Düsseldorf  
Opium Club – Düsseldorf  
Parkhouse – Düsseldorf  
Imperia – Nefteyugansk (Russland)  
Viva – Bonn  
Cha Cha – Koblenz  
Heaven – Wattenscheid  
Alte Seegrasspinnerei – Nürtingen  
Druckluft – Oberhausen  
Mikatronic – Essen  
Musikmesse / Pro Light and Sound – Frankfurt/Main  
GamesCom – Cologne
Bunker – Lübeck
Mikro Bar – Cologne

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