Live: Panicroom On Air London Special 02/04
23 Nov 2018

Live: Panicroom On Air London Special 02/04

Von und mit Angie Taylor

23 Nov 2018

NEXT: 29.11.2018 ab 15:00 Uhr mit Angie Taylor.

Show Beschreibung
Mit „Panicroom on Air“ präsentiert Angie Taylor ihre eigene Sendung bei Evosonic Radio. Sie stellt im Wechsel unbekannte und neue Tracks vor, lädt Künstler und interessante Menschen ein oder präsentiert Euch eines ihrer unverwechselbaren DJ-Live Sets.
Show Description
With "Panicroom on Air" Angie Taylor presents her own radio show on Evosonic Radio. Angie presents unknown and new tracks, invites artists and interesting people or presents one of their distinctive DJ live sets.

London Special – Part 02 of 04

Hello friends of electronic music!
This time i have been in London, one of my favorite cities to listen to new music, get some inspiration and meet fantastic artists and idols for you.
I have been at the underground festival NEXT STEP FORWARD from Mr.C and his collectives. The London Special will come in 4 Podcasts every thursday 3pm – 5pm:
22nd Nov: With Mr.C
29th Nov: With Victor Von Weef from M!SF!T
06th Dec: With Fractious
13th Dec: With Cavner aka Daniel Pitts

Enjoy the second show with Victor Von Weef from M!SF!T!
Victor Von Weef is running the M!SF!T Label together with Paul Misfit Butler and Fractious. These guys are on fire in what they doing. They not just running the Label, they also doing amazing events and pushing electronic music on a higher level. Im superhappy to have them for the London Special Podcast. What should i say – i love you guys! It’s always big fun and Superprofessional organization with you <3 <3 <3

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