Live: Das 9 Stunden Ding
24 Okt 2017

Live: Das 9 Stunden Ding

Bodo Felusch – Retrospective – 1990-1999 Techno & House Classics 9 Hours Mix

24 Okt 2017

Next: 31.10.2017, ab 20 Uhr

Bodo Felusch – Retrospective – 1990-1999 Techno & House Classics – 9 Hours Mix

Mixed with love and passion and a pair of MK2´s in september 2017

Have you ever tried to pick your top ten of 90th techno and house classics? Trying to do so ended up in a miserable failure for Bodo Felusch. Prefering 10 tracks which were made in the decade of the most evolving times for Techno and House music is just not possible. For Bodo Felusch it would be hard to pick just 10 styles which names were also invented in the same decade.

There is just too much good and different music in the world and in his collection.

The challange ended up with a finest selection of 100 tunes that were released between 1990 and 1999. Each of the different styles he picked could go on for hours and did whenever Bodo was playing the days back in the 90th. The emotional process of selecting the „final“ tracks took a couple of weeks and at the end it succeed in a monster mix of almost 9 hours!

Let´s say it is a personal top 100 pick for a decade of great music ignoring the borders of different styles. At the end it is all techno and house made to dance!

In remembrance of all the lovely tracks that have unfortunately not been picked.


„when the music is loud it takes over your body and it just takes you to a whole other place“

PN: just one more track before I quit 🙂

This masterpiece is available in uncompressed:

– FLAC 44,1kHz/16Bit CD quality

   or stunning

– FLAC 96kHz/24Bit HiRes quality

Just send a beer and ask for a download link

WIEDERHOLUNG: 11.11.2017 ab 20 Uhr, 27.11.2017 ab 18 Uhr, 10.12.2017 ab 14 Uhr!

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