ERS 009-Eclectix
11 Jul 2016

ERS 009-Eclectix

Evosonic Radioshow presents: Eclectix von und mit stimpy

11 Jul 2016

Evosonic Radioshow presents: Eclectix von und mit stimpy

Willkommen zur 9. Ausgabe der Evosonic Radioshow auf sceen.fm.

Eclectix @ Evosonic Radio Show – These are the Breaks

Clap your hands everybody
If you got what it takes
‚Cause it’s stimpy’s show and I want you to know
That these are the breaks!


Cut ChemistLesson 6 - The Lecture (Original un-edited Version)
Freddy FreshHumdinger
The WiseguysOoh La La
SygaireThe Barracuda
The WrongstarsDrink 'till She's Beautiful
Freddy FreshWhat It Is
Double D & SteininskiLesson 3
The Pajama GameHernandos Hideaway
Fat BoysHuman Beat Box
Freddy Fresh feat. Tanto MetroHardcore Rocka
SkeewiffNitty Gritty
Freddy FreshSunshine
Jayl FunkEasy Summertime
WBBL & X-Ray TedTrue
DJ ShadowLesson 4
Fred Wesley & The J.B.'sBlow Your Head
Public EnemyPublic Enemy No. 1
Public EnemyHarder Than You Think (Featurecast Remix)
HaindlingPfreif Drauf
Mr. Goju & Renegades Of JazzListen Bastards
Double D & SteininskiLesson 1
MyagiI Got Beat Up By A 303
Freddy FreshHumdinger
German Blue FlamesSunbeams At The Sky
The WrongstarsBring You Down
The ProdigyFirestarter
The WiseguysStart The Commotion
Herbie HancockRockIt (Short Version)
UnknownWanted Compilation
A-TrakSay Whoa
MsquaredVamos Chicas
TigaMind Dimension
Salt'n'PepaPush It (Original Mix)
Freddy FreshHip Hop Bibbedy Bop
Freddy Fresh feat. Fatboy SlimBadder Badder Schwing
German Blue FlamesRhythm And Blues Johnny (stimpy quickedit)
SkeewiffComing Home Baby
Oliver OnionsFlying Through The Air
Lo Fidelity AllstarsBattleflag (Full Version)

Jeden Mittwoch, von 13-15 Uhr auf sceen.fm, wechseln sich  6 „alte Hasen“ und 2 „Greenhorns“ in 7 Shows ab.

Am 20.07.16 hört Ihr in der Evosonic Radioshow: „Future Sound of Radio mit Dave Wakeham“!

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