EPC-Future Sound of Radio 02
11 Mrz 2016

EPC-Future Sound of Radio 02

F.S.O.R. Part 2 „BRINGING BACK“ with Dave Wakeham

11 Mrz 2016

F.S.O.R. Part 2 „BRINGING BACK“ with Dave Wakeham.

Die Definition der Show ist heute genauso gültig wie damals: Das Experiment läuft und der Hörer ist die Versuchsperson. Nutty Professor Dave Wakeham führt bis an die Grenzen und nur vielleicht wieder zurück. Englischer kann deutsches Radio wirklich nicht sein! Heute, über 19 Jahre später, muss man ergänzend sagen: Souliger und Jazziger kann House nicht sein.

Hier die zweite Ausgabe „Future Sound“ von und mit Dave Wakeham.

About Dave Wakeham
Dave Wakeham has been a professional Disc Jockey and Presenter many years and possesses a massive archive of vinyl , CDs and music rarities that go deep into the recesses of the Club and Disco scene. Dating back many years. Originally from Liverpool England , Radio wise , Dave Wakeham was influenced by the great DJs of the seventies , from Radio Caroline, Luxembourg, BBC radio 1 . Club wise, the Jazz Funk and Soul club DJs as well as whitnessing the arrival of the House music scene. This took him on a long journey through the world of DJ based entertainment through various agencies during the eighties to eventually end up in Hamburg Germany at the beginning of the nineties and worked extensivly in Clubs and radio towards the end of the 90s. Dave has produced over a thousand hours of radio, worked in over forty clubs, in ten different countries, and now speaks fluent German as well as his native English.
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