23 Mrz 2019

MikeLike Comment

Hier findet ihr alle Infos zu

23 Mrz 2019

Hier findet ihr alle Infos zu den Musik-Tipps aus der Show „MikeLike Comment!

Zu hören jeden Freitag ab 20 Uhr und jeden Montag ab 00 Uhr. Start: 29.03.2019!

(Die nachfolgenden Sendungen passen sich an den Inhalt und Länge dieser Sendung an! Bei Live Shows fällt es aus.)

Das Ganze findet ohne Moderation statt und können LPs oder Compilation, Alt oder/und Neu sein. Der aktuelle Tipp läuft solange, bis es sich lohnt zu wechseln. Natürlich alles Musikalisch Elektronisch! Ausgesucht von Chris Maico Schmidt.

Rick Sanders

Rick Sanders


The Best of

Rick Sanders‘ career as a producer began in 2010 when he joined Smiley Fingers in London.
This talent, born in the magical Sardinia, expressed a wish to rediscover its most significant productions.
His musical path was influenced by the landscapes of his island and the long travels around Europe, in every single tune you can feel all this emotions.
Like a photo book full of memories, Rick choses the tracks that tell the stories of his personal growth, showing the days and nights where they are have been composed.

Label: Smiley Fingers
Cat. #: SFNTB001
Release date: April 26 2019

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2019/04/10 – 2019/04/26


MEUTE is a Techno Marching Band – eleven drummers and horn players from Hamburg / Germany who fulfil the job of a dj with their acoustic instruments. The archaic conglomerate of brass and drums creates a new genre by combining hypnotic driving techno and expressive brass band music. MEUTE detaches electronic music from the dj desk and evolves the thrust of energy on stage or directly in the crowd. Be it on the streets or in the club, with or without electricity – MEUTE runs!

Label: Tumult Records
Release date: 15th Oct 2017

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Kristian Heikkila

Kristian Heikkila

2019/03/26 – 2019/04/10

Neo Romantik Reflektions

The album Neo Romantik Reflektions is the third release from Kristian Heikkila’s label Konstruktion.
With hefty punches, driven darkness mixed with stabs, synths and light, the album reflects the past two years‘ productions with inspiration from life events, clubs, analogue synthesizers, guilty pleasures, melodies, friendships and love for music. Songs like ‚Everything I See‘, ‚Evolution‘, ‚Warrior‘ and ‚Akronym‘ show the broad spectra of styles he masters from the beginning of a night until the darkest hours on a dance floor, without losing the focus throughout the album. Last year Kristian Heikkila had some fruitful releases and the latest release ‚Interpol‘ in October 2018 has had about half a million listens on Spotify so far.

Label: Konstruktion
Release date: 15th March 2019

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